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October 5, 2012


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Guardian angel

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 5, 2012, 2:51 PM
Hello everybody,

do you know that feeling to have an guardian angel?
Well yesterday I think I had that feeling....

I was going to everyday. My colleagues, my boss and I had much to talk and much fun like most time.
We laughed ,talked, worked...well like everyday...just a stormy day.
The trees lost their lieves within seconds and no one was on the street in Berlin... .
It was just to could and nasty. One of my Collegues,Brenda, asked me to recoup the flag fast from outdoors before it would float away.
So I  passed over to take the flag. A few seconds later bofore I had take the step back into  the house I heard a loud noise over me.
I looked up to see where that noise came from, but just saw that shards rained on me .
A window from the second floor got broken, because of the storm or may a bird flied into the glass.
I really didn't realized what happened this moment and just felt some sharp thing's cutting on my face.

Just a moment later Brenda runned out to help me. She took me into the bathroom and I just saw that  my T-shirt was bloody and the blood still dropped down on the ground.
When I looked in to the mirror I had to smile...I dunno was crazy , but I smiled ...may it was the shock or something.
Then Brenda cleaned the wounds on my face with some alcohol, wich damnd burned ._.
After that she told me to go home and to a doctor......

Blessedly it was not that fatally how it seemed first :phew::aww:
Now I have some cut-wounds on my chin, lips and my forehead, nervous convulsions and my brain feels like a milkshake X3
But at least I am okay and I can think normally X3^.^
Now I am at home for a few days to recover a bit, but I am so happy nothing more bad happened ;W;

I am not religiuos  in anyway.....BUT  I am thankful for that "angel" I had  v.v

What I want to say is that the life could end so fast and everybody should enjoy every single moment and learn to love the time of life.
You could die so fast without knowing it and without someone could controll it....
When You/I see people dying on TV because there is war somewere on the world  and you see that people get killed/raped/tortured others or famished... nobody could have that feeling they are having. They haven't any chance to choose anything ...and we are sitting in front of our TV or Journal..reading or seeing this and just think thing's like "Damnd...that's bad" and forget  it until the next day. May people sit in front of Tv and think"Damnd.....not again...I wish I could change that!" and other  may just say "Pfft..not good, but I don't care"(stupid people I think). Yes may we have not the chance to change that much, but we could think about WHY these people die...........



Shortly: Humans getting angry because->deeply hurted/don't get enough/want more /having other opinions->stopping to think ->kill everyone doesn't matter who and if he is includet in that dispute and think it's the only way-> ...Happyend?
  - People die because something in our world does not work right

But I vote for death penalty for child-abuser and rapist's..THEY don't deserve it in my Opinion, becuase they losted their chance . And I would kill someone if he killed my husband, child and/or my parent's >:(....Just then I would kill someone

Please let me take that example of that muhamed-video:
First I want to say...I do respect the religion of others completely and I don't want to get in any dispute and what I write here is just an example to show what I mean with that sentence . I know a lot of people and also have muslims as friends here on DA and in RL and we talked peacefully about it .

I try to say it more shortly---

Some dumb and butthurted people made a video to show up muhamed and the muslim-religion and to sting a fight and making the other side angry .
I understand the muslims in some way that they are hurted in their religion, because it's something importent and profound for their life  to hold on.
That's understandable in some way and these people  wich did that Video having to get punished.


It's also a very dumb way to destroy places and kill people, because of that.
I mean killing people wich may didn't knew anything about that Video and wich just wanted to live in peace together..with families....with hope getting killed ,.. because of that.
That Video may hurts a lot....but it's NO reason to kill somebody....not in any way.
But of course I wouldn't say every muslim or other people  with a strong religion  would do such thing's I said it's just an example

I should feel neutral, but I don't. Both thing's making me sick, because no one thoughed about the result of this drama. Sorry.

I could coun't many thing's more here and I wish I had the time to write and explain more and let you know what exactly I think.
That's just a small and undetailed mind I wrote here.....


Okay guys I think  that's  enough today  even if I am  not finish with my speech I have to come to an end:

First: Enjoy you'r life how long and however you can.

Second:  Humans are dumb and I want to be a Dragin ._________. x3

You'rs Mina:heart:

Greetings c-d-s :3


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cartman47 Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist
Ach Mina.:(
Du hast mir vielleicht einen Schock versetzt , als ich dies las. Ich weis es ist schon ne Weile her, aber ich kam erst jetzt dazu dir zu schreiben. Denn ich machte mir schon Sorgen. Zum Glück ist dir nichts schlimmeres wiederfahren, obwohl die leichten Schnitte schmerzhaft genug gewesen waren.
Ich weis es klingt etwas oberflächlig, aber ein so liebes und wundervolles Gesicht sollte nicht so verletzt werden.:aww:
Hoffentlich konntest du dich gut erholen und dein Schutzengel hat gute Arbeit geleistet. Hätte ja schlimmer ausgehen können.(Splitter im Auge) :(
Aber hauptsache es geht dir gut. Wollte schon anrufen und fragen wie es geht, aber Christian und deine Familie waren für dich da.^^

Da hast du recht. Warum nur ist die Menschheit so wie sie ist. Hass und Tot, egal wo man hin sieht. Vielleicht wäre es besser, wenn es einen neu Anfang gäbe, wie es einige zum 21.12 erhoffen. So das alle guten Seelen es überstehen.
Durch ein Ereignis, wie es dir leider Gottes wiederfahren ist, lernt man das Leben viel mehr zu schätzen. Und nehme an das du es auch machst.:aww:
cynder-dragon-spyro Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ich gebe dir da auf jeden Fall recht ;)
Meiner Meinung nach rennt man am Leben eifach so lebt es Tag für Tag hört dies und das...die Jahre vergehen und manchmal ist alles so oberflächlich...Tage vergehen ohne dass man das eigene Leben so richtig spührt...Dinge fühlen sich selbstverständlich an und matt...machmal hat man Freude an etwas und manchmal empfindet man Trauer , aber selten nur spührt man es so richtig, dann we etwas passiert ob gut oder schlecht...etwas tiefgründiges und/oder ergreifendes und man anfängt über alles nachzudenken...wie..warum...und was genau? sich in Dinge hineinzuversetzten...über eigene Handlungen und andere Geschehnisse einfach nachzudenken und zu verinnerlichen und zu spühren.......und ich merke gerade das ich mich total verrenne in dem was ich eigentlich sagen will XD
Naja ich denke man sollte das Leben nicht einfach so hinnehmen wie es ist sondern es verändern, wenn man spührt es könnte auch anders sein. Man hat ja in dem Sinne nur ein Leben und ich find man sollte es so leben wie man es sich selbst gestaltet und es genießen so lange man kann ^.^

Oh weh ...wie poetisch :giggle:
cartman47 Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist
Das ist echt poetisch kleine Drachin.;)
Durch deine Worte bin ich selbst ins grübeln gekommen.^^ Ich gebe dir recht in allen Punkten
und ich erinner mich auch an das Gespräch, das wir mal über dich
und dein Leben gehalten haben und wie eine liebevolle Person dies geändert hat.:aww:
Vieles von dem du hier berichest ist mir auch wiederfahren. Ich mache mir auch nun mehr Gedanken, obwohl ich für ein paar Dinge immer noch Blind bin.
Du weist sicher was ich meine.;)
Den Tag lasse ich gerne revue passieren um zu sehen, was ich alles erlebt habe und was ich morgen verbessern kann und worauf ich mehr im Leben achten muss.^^
Das stimmt zu hundert prozent. Jeder ist sein Architekt seines eigenen Lebens und dies nur einmal. Ich habe leider einiges im meinen jungen Jahren verpasst, was ich heute bereue, aber daran kann man leider nichts ändern. Du hast, wie ich sehe alles richtig gemacht und ich drücke di die Daumen, das es weiterhin so bleibt.:aww:
Artermus9 Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn O.o sound like it to me, hope all it well.
cynder-dragon-spyro Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...Woah!!!D: I hope u recover well. It's not nice fealing when you know... can't control own life... I think I had also guardian angel loong time ago, when I got high voltage electric shock but now on I make my own luck, just in case . []
cynder-dragon-spyro Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It#s crazy to know you can die every day
Shay-Tank-Dragon-41 Oct 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank god your ok Mina D: and yea unfortunetly, this is the world we live in, I totally agree with you that child abusers and rapists don't deserve sympathy. when I hear that a guy has raped a young girl on the news it makes me really angry, because then the poor girl is traumatised for months. :U
cynder-dragon-spyro Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damnd world we have to live in
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